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Chiswick, London April 2017

Super Xmas in Derbyshire

A good time was had by all. In the dry spells (quite a few of them surprisingly) we walked and biked. In the wet spells we Scrabbled and drank.

There are some new pictures from various events this and previous year on the site please take a look. Alan's 85th trek up from PYG to the summit of Snowdon was blessed by wonderful weather in October and Sybil and Hugh had a spectacular location for their wedding last month on Burgh Island - pronounced Burr Island if, like me, you didn't know.

This is a useful mini-applet for Scrabble players: Wordfinder

My small pamphlet to help cyclists in the Limassol area is available: Cycling in Limassol

Any techies out there might be interested in my experiments with Google Web Toolkit (GWT): Automobile Analysis

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Watch this space! See you soon Webmeister Will XXX

PS This is a fun movie of what happens when Simon suggests a walk in the river or this one showing reflections has a surprise ending.

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